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ZOX Quick Facts

  • Signed to SideOne Dummy Records, home of Flogging Molly, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, MXPX, Gogol Bordello, and more

  • Booked by Los Angeles based Creative Artists Agency

  • Managed by New York based Foundations Artist Management, home to Dispatch, Dr. Dog, Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Ladyhawk and more

  • "Line in the Sand" was produced by John Goodmanson, whose credits include
    Death Cab for Cutie, Sleater Kinney, Blood Brothers and Harvey Danger

  • "Line in the Sand" was released to early critical acclaim in Alternative Press, Relix, Outburn and more

  • Appeared at SXSW and NXNE conferences

  • 20,000 Soundscan-verified copies of ZOX’s sophomore album, "The Wait", sold to date

  • 50,000+ Soundscan-verified copies of entire catalogue sold to date (Aug 2008)

  • ZOX has shared the stage with The Black Eyed Peas, Live, Everclear, The
    Roots, The All-American Rejects, Story of the Year, Dispatch, Flogging
    Molly, Gogol Bordello, Guster, Rusted Root, O.A.R., They Might Be Giants,
    OK-Go, Goldfinger, Cowboy Mouth, Common, The Starting Line, Further Seems
    Forever, Petey Pablo, The Sugar Hill Gang, and The Warped Tour

  • International appearances at the 2006 Reading/Leeds Festival in the U.K.,
    2006 Highfield Festival, and 2006 Hawthorne Heights Tour of Germany

  • #38 on CMJ charts with 153 Stations adding the disc (Spring 2008)

  • #7 Billboard Top Internet Album Nationwide (between Coldplay & Black Eyed Peas) week of Aug. 23, 2005

  • "The Wait" debuted at #7 on the Billboard Top Internet Album Nationwide
    (between Coldplay & Black Eyed Peas)

  • Over 10 songs featured on MTV's Real Word, Road Rules, and Maui Fever shows

Line in the Sand Reviews

"Here’s a quick summation of this review: this is an excellent CD, with songs that sound both memorable and significant, stellar musicianship, and an overall impassioned tone. Everything else that follows is an elaboration on that basic idea... there’s little in the band’s past that could have predicted it would come up with a CD that’s as start-to-finish brilliant as Line in the Sand." 8 out of 10
Full Review Here
-Tony Sclafani/Popmatters

“For the first time in its career, Zox isn't just the sum of its constituent parts. It's something larger and fundamentally different.”

“…this record is already one of my favorites of 2008 because of how awesomely different each track is from the last, they each can be listened to during different moods and you will find something new you like after each listen.”

Outburn Magazine: 8 out of 10

“The band’s third disc, Line In the Sand, is way beyond anything Zox has done, with pure, stripped-down melodies and better crafted, mature songs."
-Providence Phoenix

The Wait Reviews

"Zox proved once again that they can work a stage as well as some of the biggest acts you've ever seen."
-The Daily Page (read article)

-The Daily Free Press (read article) (read article)

-NYC Undergound (read article)

"Fuelled by a million things at once, The Wait is a triumph of genre jumping, is rarely predictable but always successful."
-High Voltage (read article)

The Maneater (read article)

"...Zox provides much needed relief from the blaring sound that is becoming modern rock."
-Technique (read article)

"’s chock full of explosive songs that sometimes feel like they’re going to jump out of your CD player." (read article)

The State Hornet (read article)

"Zox, on its album "The Wait," masterfully blends many genres of music from track to track."
- Spartan Daily (read article)

Underground Sound (read article)

Click Music (read article)

DCist (read article)

"From stray acoustic guitars to bouncing violins, Zox is quite the amalgam of sound — a veritable audible soup, if you will."
- Budgeteer News (read article)

"The other thing [ZOX] had in spades was an enthusiasm to play the gig and effort made in working the audience. This could just make them an effective warm-up band but they delivered a whole lot more."
- BBC (read article)

"Fuse and SideOneDummy Records will be invading college campuses across the nation this fall..."
-Plug In Music (read article)

Skratch Magazine (read article)

Contra Costa Times (read article)

Colorado Daily (read article)

"Think of their songs as mini-symphonies -- from sweaty rock to introspective songs."
-Observer-Eccentric Newspapers (read article)

"People who need new music that is amazing all the way through should check out ZOX's new disc 'The Wait.'"
-High Plains Reader (read article) (read article)

Observer-Eccentric Newspapers (read article)

South Coast Today (read article)

NTW (read article)

"It's been a big couple of years for [ZOX], and they're showing that they're ready for the big time."
-The Providence Journal (read article)

"Two hundred shows a year could whip even the worst band into serious musical contenders, but for a group as talented as Zox, they’ve become heavyweights." (read article)

Zox Signs With SideOneDummy
-NowOnTour (read article)

"The band has an uncanny ability to blend rock — from new wave to progressive — with ska, punk balladry, and a bit of baroque into something highly original."
-South Coast Today (read article)

Pulse Rated (read article)

The Phoenix (read article)

“Original enough to set this foursome apart from anything out there…”
–Outburn Magazine (read article)

Aside from the unique and upbeat indie rock sound found on … The Wait, [ZOX] stands apart from most of today's other buzz bands thanks to Spencer Swain and his electric violin.”
–Chart Magazine (read article)

“Zox is most certainly alive and thriving on The Wait, as pop, new wave and a bit of everything else help [the band] find a life all its own.”
– (read article)

TAXI + The Music Business Industry Register (read article)

Phoenix: Best Summer Of '05 Singalong (read article)

Sound the Sirens (read article)

Live Free Records (read article)

Take Me Home Reviews

"Wailing, adventurous violin work...intriguing interplay of dramatic and accessible elements, lyrically impressively thoughtful....a cut above most indie releases."
- All Music Guide Online

"The violin would appear to have no place in rock music. Thankfully, someone forgot to tell Spencer Swain that, resulting in the odd and singularly enjoyable experience that is ZOX... The musical alchemy forms something wondrous and original."
- The Boston Tab

"Zox is a sophisticated quartet that delivers a vibrant, thinking man's brand of hook-laden and funky pop-rock. Sterling violin work...This is energetic, good-time music... Expect big things from these guys."
- Relix Magazine

"Zox has a sound like little you've ever heard...engaging instrumental complexity alternating with moments of big, thumping pop rock that, at its best, approaches soaring and triumphant."
- Northampton The Valley Advocate

"This time, though, [the headliner] just might be upstaged by Providence upstarts Zox: Electric-violin virtuoso Spencer Swain channels everyone from Papa John Creach to Eddie Van Halen within the band's roots-meets-reggae structures."
- The Village Voice, NYC

"Zox... has a winner in its new disc, Take Me Home... Think John Mayer with a stronger rhythm section or No Doubt with less angst and more grooves...[As well], Miller has penned some thoroughly catchy lyrics -- and he's got something to say..."
- The Providence Journal

"... An intense, fun-filled, and creative live show."
- The University of Hartford Informer

"... A unique sound, enhanced by soulfully played classical violin, that will inspire you to hit the dance floor in ecstatic celebration."
- The Elmira Star-Gazette, NY

"A fresh feel-good phenomenon irresistible to everyone who hears it..."
- The Providence Phoenix

"Zox blew me away...they have one of the more unique sounds I've heard all year."
- Skratch Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

"..[Their] infectious, jubiliant sound... [is] for music lovers with an itch for something fresh...."
- Feeling Anxious Magazine

"...Elaborate instrumentation, searing violin leads, complex arrangements, and finely shifting time signatures..."
- New Haven Register

"...[ZOX's] energy and stage presence is amazing... [and is] topped only by their musical ability..."
- Buffalo News, NY

"One of the freshest new bands on the Providence scene... Their sound twists and turns like a test-driven Testarossa. It's never easy to predict where this stuff is going, but it sure does take you for a ride... "
- The Providence Phoenix

"Affecting and clever lyrics prevail, yet a jamming’ violin, pulsating bass lines, and killer percussion leads take the band in directions mere words alone never could. A sound difficult to ignore, ridiculous to dismiss, and admirable in its novelty."

"ZOX is one of the most original bands touring today."
- The Tartan, Pittsburgh

"Zox's sound is curiously unique, with the basic line up of a rock act, and the addition of a violin which Spencer Swain plays like a lead guitar mixing classical styled arrangements and fiddle saw tricks. The violin gives the tunes on this album a cool accent that truly differentiates the Zox sound. A true album with fresh musical sound and amazingly graceful and witty lyrics."
- In Music We Trust Magazine

"...An excellent blended amalgam of vocals, melodic instrumentation, and superb songwriting."
- AB Free Radio, Boston, MA

"How does a band blend rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and classical music into one seamless concoction that goes down easy and tastes great? ..That formula can be wildly combustible -- a Zox show is a great excuse for a crazy night out."
- The Providence Phoenix

"Energy is important, [and] they have it; A cloudburst of John Zox's rhythms and Miller's vocals, and Swain's presence, sends a set of their original songs into the realm of No Doubt's rock-steady pop-and-reggae and Sublime's rock-and-reggae· Eli's songs reflect the fleeting space of this moment, the one that will very soon pass; we wish it would last longer but know it can't; It's [the type of music] that makes you wish you didn't have class in the morning."
- The Providence Journal

."...[ZOX is an] unconventional and engaging quartet..."
- Artvoice, Buffalo